High Roller Products



  • Patented and designed for safely transporting motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters.
  • Adjustable grip covering adjusts to the grip size and eliminates grip damage
  • One size fits all adjustable handle bar cross-strap adjusts from 22"-34"
  • Handlebar cross strap can be adjusted to fit in the best position to avoid damage to gauges, cables, start, headlight, horn buttons and clutch and brake levers.
  • The unique 4 hold down points provide full forward, backward and side to side support, which does not allow for play or rocking motion to occur under whipping motions of a trailer.
  • Can be used on flat bed trailer with no side rails due to the unique 4 point ties.
  •  No tire chocks required (although they recommended for added security)


Price: $29.95